Dear Rhinoceros Project Team:
Unfortunately, we have received word from the Estate of Eugène Ionesco on December 8, 2016, that it is denying permission for The Rhinoceros Project to move forward with the readings scheduled for 2017.
The Estate's lawyers have determined that "The Estate of Ionesco does not wish to have the name of Eugene Ionesco or his works used as the standard of a political movement."

While I personally disagree with this statement and believe that it goes against the reason that RHINOCEROS exists as a play in the first place, we must abide by the wishes of the Estate and its lawyers.
Regardless, thank you all for your inspiration to achieve political change through art.
Please keep the faith and push your passion to move you through despair and disbelief into action.
Do not be silenced by the spectre of fascism in our democracy -
let our rage and laughter echo through history.   
Resist the politics of hate, of division, of bigotry, of violence - both physical and psychological.
Refuse a "new normal" that separates us from the rights
to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 
Special Thanks go to Sharron Bower Anderson and Kathryn Blume for their inspiration and super cheerleading; to Allen Kuharski for the generous offer of the free use of the translation he did with George Moskos for the Project; to Walter Bilderback, for introducing me to Allen Kuharski; to Stephan Golux, for his spirit of collaboration; to Brian Baggett, for music that our audiences will hear eventually; to Andrew Rincón at Samuel French, Inc.; and to my personal support team: Michael Powell, Kimberly Moon, Trevor Biship, Marcus Leab, Kelly Levins Moore, Mo Costello, Kenneth Pruitt, Ann Fox, and so many more.
We will not be silenced! We will not be "safe"! We will not surrender!
"Je ne capitule pas!"
Robert Neblett and Team Rhino